A Wintry Mix

As promised on our last podcast episode, this is a playlist I’ve thrown together for this winter. It’s not exhaustive by any means, but there are some great tracks on there to which you should most definitely lend an ear. I don’t know, pick one at random this weekend and cozy up on the couch with some hot coffee (or cocoa, if that’s your jive) – the high is supposed to be about 60 degrees! Light that fireplace and enjoy some wintry tunes with the cool weather.

“Trains And Winter Rains” – by Enya
– by Florence + The Machine
“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” – by She & Him
“Holiday” – by Jessie Baylin
“Goodbye Charles” – by Over The Rhine                                    <–  couldn’t find links for these songs, but they’re really good!
“Faded From The Winter” – by Iron and Wine
“La Saison de Pluies” – by Stacey Kent
“Rebuild” – by Now, Now
“Let There Be Morning” – by The Perishers
“Woodland” – by The Paper Kites
“Jingle Bells” – by Straight No Chaser
“Strangers In The Night” – by Frank Sinatra
“Tout Le Monde” – by Carla Bruni
“The Ice Hotel” – by Stacey Kent
“New Year’s Eves” – by Greg Laswell
“Snowfall” – by Ingrid Michaelson
“Misty” – by Ella Fitzgerald
“Home” – by Michael Bublé
“Weatherman” – by Delbert McClinton
“Snow – Sleeping At Last” – by Blood:Water Mission
“The Way You Look Tonight” – by Frank Sinatra
“Cet Petits Rien” – by Stacey Kent
“Sleigh Ride” – by She & Him
“I Love The Winter Weather” – by Tony Bennett
“To a Poet” – by First Aid Kit
“Hard to Love Me” – by Harper Blynn
“Hide And Seek” – by Imogen Heap
“Winter Winds” – by Mumford & Sons
“Snowfall” – by Tony Bennett
“Something About Us” – by Daft Punk
“Autumn Leaves” – by Ed Sheeran
“A Dance ‘Round The Memory Tree” – by Oren Lavie
“And Winter Came” – by Enya
“Let Her Go” – by Passenger
“Winter Wonderland” – by Tony Bennett
“Winter” – by Joshua Radin
“Bells Of New York City” – by Josh Groban
“Winter Song” – by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson
“You Really Gotta Hold On Me” – by She & Him
“When We Were Young” – by Sucré
“The Hat” – by Ingrid Michaelson
“Let It Snow” – by Straight No Chaser
“The Last Snowfall” – by Vienna Teng
“Silhouette” – by Owl City
“Blue Velvet” – by Lana Del Rey
“Snow Angel” – by Over The Rhine

Be inspired, go live a happy life full of joy and peace! Enjoy the season as it’s crisp cool air changes into the heavy quiet winter that we know and love. 🙂


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