BIG NEWS: Our wonderful brother just got married (YES) to an even more wonderful woman!!

To all the moms out there who had high hopes for their own daughters, I’m sorry but the position has already been filled.

I saw the joy on my brother’s face spread like contagion around the room as he watched his bride enter and join him under the chuppah, and I reflected on this post he wrote a while back called “This Post Is Not About Love”. Go ahead and read it.

Guess he ‘loves’ her.

I’m not going to go into any details about Pete, Laura, how they met, or the wedding, because you have other resources:
Julianna wrote about meeting Laura here. And then again about the tying of the knot here.
The wedding hashtag was #WeddingOfLights.
You can easily follow [read: stalk] their lives (like I do) as publicized on Twitter/Instagram if you search for @stripedpajamas273 and @laurdvark.

And because I know you all want to see them, here’s a picture I took this Fall:


Peter was, and is probably still ‘in love’ with Laura…but the important thing is he ‘loves’ Laura.
P.S. We all love her too!
P.P.S. In a different way…but still just as important. 🙂


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