About Us (New and Updated!)

We used to be an eclectic group of people living together who shared the same last name and had a terrible habit of watching long TV mystery serials. We still own an obscenely fancy coffee machine and routinely welcome unexpected guests who drop by to visit us. (Note: I, the primary administrator on this blog now, no longer watch movies/TV.)

We used to think about turning the front yard into a concrete slab for extra parking space, since we had so many drivers and routinely entertain large groups of people. Now it’s more plausible that it will be turned into an extended garden of organic vegetables, possibly some chicken coops.

Our family life used to resemble a sitcom, in which we were both the participating characters and the viewing audience. This actually hasn’t changed much except that the house is much quieter and we really only resemble a sitcom when we’re all together.

We used to be famous for doing things in a “BIG” way. Birthdays were pretty much equivalent to a space shuttle launch or the President’s inauguration. Now there are mixed opinions on whether or not we should even give gifts on birthdays, and the celebrations are usually pretty laid back since we’re all aging like fine wine (though sometimes birthdays include fine wine).

We still have a pretty cheesy tendency toward alliteration and other wordplay, especially puns. 🙂


11 thoughts on “About Us (New and Updated!)

  1. I LOVE this website – and once again (while perusing through the many contributions) am overwhelmed with the goodness of God in the life He gives to His children.
    Keep on shining !!
    Love to all.
    Susan Lindsey

  2. Hi,

    I was searching for info on myself and came across your blog.

    I believe I am your 3rd cousin, My grandfather (martire) was your great grandfathers brother (Vito)

    If you are still interested on information on your great grandfather try to contact your great Uncle Vito (sonny) who lives in bayridge brooklyn, not sure of address

    take care,

    Anthony J. Squicciarini

  3. trying to locate a Tom Squicciarini. We served in the marines together during the mid to late 80’s. He was from Brooklyn and possibly moved upstate and opened a Deli. any help would be appreciated.

  4. Hi Julianna, you certainly have grown into quite an articulate young lady. I have so enjoyed sitting hear and catching up with you all. I would love to hear from your mom and see how she is doing. Please give her my email address. Best wishes and blessings to your whole family. Linda Richards

  5. Mrs. Richards – what a surprise! How incredible that you happened upon our family blog. It’s a small world, after all 😉
    We will pass your information on to our mother; thank you so much for commenting! Great to hear from you!

  6. Greetings Squicciarini Family!

    As fellow followers of Yeshua and His Torah, let me say that it was a pleasure stumbling upon your blog! May He continue to bless your family and keep you, and may His face be upon you and give you all peace~

    Allison, for Steve, Marah and Elizabeth Grant

  7. Hello to you.

    I am very much hoping that you may be able to help me. I am contacting anyone I can find with your Surname in my quest for some very important information.

    I am trying to research the life and times of my natural mother (Janet Rose). My enquiries have led me to attempt to find a certain person by the name of John Squicciarini, (or similar spelling) who may have known my Mother very well during his time in the U.S Air Force, and my Mother’s time in the Royal Air Force. This was during the late 1960’s.

    I believe my Mother was based at High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire (England). I also believe John was based at a place by the name of Nap Hill (or Knap Hill) also in southern England.

    They definitely knew each other in 1969, but I believe he returned to the United States soon after, but may have kept in touch with her for several years.

    I think he had family, or even came from, Long Island, New York and will probably be in his 60’s by now.

    So could you please reply to this message if you know someone in your family that may fit this description, but also reply to confirm that you do not know of anybody.

    I am only after some information to piece together some past events. I am in no way financially motivated, nor am I someone with a grudge to bear. I will not be asking for a down payment to guarantee a fake lottery prize or anything silly or sinister like that. I do, however, feel that time is passing by faster by the year, and I really do need to “fill in the blanks” in my Mother’s early life before it becomes too late.

    Please help me out in any way that you can.
    Kind regards,
    Simon Rose.

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